Jiwon Choi

New York (USA)


International Young Film Makers Award

14. up-and-coming  International Film Festival Hannover 2017


Jiwon Choi (South Korea), born 1991, completed her MFA in photography, video, and related media at School of Visual Arts. She works in the mediums of moving images, and performance. She lives and works in New York City. Her recent exhibitions and screenings include PARALLEL, the Box, Wexner Center for the Arts, Columbus, Ohio, United States, "New Filmmakers", Anthology Film Archives, New York, United States, “20th Contemporary Art Festival SESC_VIDEOBRASIL”, Associação Cultural Videobrasil, São Paulo, Brazil.

Choi’s previous work has focused on the interaction between digital imagery and the human mind, as it reinterprets common sense and human experience through hybrid cultural identities. Cultural hegemony, the portrayal of women, and the ephemeral substance of contemporary culture led her into making critical commentaries by way of performance and video art. Through the experience of living in different cultures, she has developed a curiosity towards a phenomenon that is relevant to the places where she resides and to where she comes from.

She investigates both psychological and physical space in the contemporary world. Her works are reflections of daily lives, the cultures, and the interactions with one another. Within the realm of creativity, she invites people into the vision she created.

Two essential states of being met, create a new aspect, which is often an intermediate ground between opposing elements, such as the real and ideal, inside and outside, positive and negative, self and non­self, identity within philosophy and sociology, and the uninhibited and restrictive. This dialectic is often interactive, playful, mythical, and sarcastic. Her works deploy traditional video art’s performative and durational elements and also appropriates elements from popular media culture such as; fast cuts, vibrant color, subtitles, and provocative signs and metaphors. Her works flicker to engage with the deprived sensitivity of the audience.