Since the  up-and-coming International Film Festival 2007, winners and filmtalents of the International Competition have been invited to a masterclassfilm.

In this  masterclassfilm  these international film makers are presented online with their biographies  and films. They are also invited to events aimed to encourage the dialogue in the  up-and-coming network.

This ensures the continual support of film talents.

For the award winners of the festivals in 2013 and 2015, these events took place:

The up-and-coming FilmDialog with workshops on crowd funding and pitching, a forum for the current activities of these young talents, and introductory meetings with producers and promoters of the film business.

The International Short Film Lab — shooting leibniz!  was a project with a ten-day production phase and involved teams of German film students. Five short films about the Hannover philosopher Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz resulted.

Further events are planned.