Stefano Miraglia

Lyon (France)

Stefano Miraglia, born in Málaga, 1988, is an Italian-Spanish filmmaker and photographer based in Lyon, France. Currently enrolled in a Master's degree in film studies at ENS de Lyon, his fields of academic research are experimental filmmaking and eastern-European cinema. He co-curated in 2014 a contemporary art exhibition called Lightness, with works by renowned artists Ange Leccia, Richard Serra and Giulio Paolini among others. He is currently working on a commissioned film on the reactivation of Lygia Pape's 1968 performance Divisor.

2014    Falaises ou Renaud et Diane, in post-production
2012     Magali et Fiona

In 2011 Leandro Varela and Stefano Miraglia founded the independent art collective ELECTRIC GARAGE HEAD, based in Lyon, in order to produce their own experimental films. They write and direct together one short film per year.

2014    KATOKINO | commissioned by Ars Independent Festival, Katowice, Poland
BRUTALISM, experimental short film | Director: Jessica Poon | Sound Design by Leandro Varela and Stefano Miraglia

2013     memoria e imacinación

memoria e imaginación