Martin Åhlin

Luleå (Sweden)

Åhlin, Martin
Writer, Director

Martin Åhlin (*1991) is a writer and director who was born and is living and working in the northern part of Sweden. He went to film school in Luleå and co-founded the production company Blåfilm right after graduation. He has written and directed several short films and music videos and is currently working on several new projects.



2014    Jonathan, drama, 13 min 
     Infringe, thriller, drama, 19 min

2013    Hennes Svarta Vingar, thriller, 29 min

2012     Vaktmästaren, thriller, 13 min

Music Video

2014    Tiger Bell – Get Ready To Go
     Sweet Lou – Look Like Shit

2013     Tiger Bell – Slaughter’s Daughter

2011     David Myhr – Looking for a Life
     Nadine Petry – Fragile Heart